Castle Corvey near Höxter

In the year 815, Emperor Ludwig the Pious set up the provost place Hethis, which leter became Corvey. During the Thirty Years‘ War the place was completely destroyed. It remained a ruin until the 17. Century, when Duke Bernhard von Galen rebuilt it in the baroque style. Trough 1750, descendant dukes extended and finished the residence.
Today the dukes of Ratibor and Corvey are owners of this castle.

T260_Green Libary

B261_Green Drapery

B262_Green Rosettes

T274B_Grey Marble

B4098B_Flower - garland in Yellow

B436_Blue Roses

T455_Yellow/Grey Marble

T4061_Marblepanel in Blue

T271_Brown Marble


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