Castle Schwetzingen near Heidelberg

Constructed in the 14. Century as a defensive citadel, Schwetzingen castle was rebuilt in the 16. Century into a hunting seat and 200 years later into the summer residence of Kurfürst Carl Theodor ( 1724 – 1799). Famous architects and landscape gardeners such as Nicolas de Pigage and Friedrich L. Sckell were tasked with giving the castle ist current design.

T464_Basket of Blossoms

T473_Louis_XVI_of France


T480_Bagpipeplayer and Venus

T481_Duke Carl Ludwig



T492_Swan Lake

B438_Blossoms in Blue

B462E_Palme with a ribbon


B517B_Blue-red tree

B565_Drapery with Laces

B567_Duke Carl Theodor








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