Propstei Johannesberg bei Fulda

The provost building  Johannesberg is a medieval monastery grounded in the 9. Century. In the 17. Century, it was developed into the provost residence. The provost was a clerical representive yet at the same time a worldly monarch. During the reign of the provost Conrad von Mengersen (1715 – 1753), the building  was turned into a baroque residence.

T600_Blossommedaillon in Rosé

B600_Blossommedaillon in Rosé

B601_Blossommedaillon in Bleu

B519_White Blossoms in Gold

T520_Green Stripes and Leaves

B521_Twisted velvet cord

T523_White Ellipses

B524_Blue Leaves

T525_Colored Flowers on blue Rear

B526_Flower border on velvet Rear

B527_Flower border on Velvet

T542_Whiite Leaves on blue Rear

B532_Stencilpattern, Black/Yellow on Rosé


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