Neuverfilmung "Buddenbrook" 2008

This border was the portico of the Buddenbrooks-selected house. The original is from the house of Countess Hölderlin Oeynhausen. It provides a framework for festive family events, including the weddings take place there.
To the remake of the social novel Buddenbrooks by Thomas Mann in 2008 (directed by Heinrich Breloer) the peony wallpaper with the look of a valuable Needlepoint for the Consul's room, Elizabeth was selected. It corresponds in its nature quite the mood, as described for the private rooms of the Consul, an atmosphere of comfortable elegance.
For the interior shots of the house in the Mengstreet were for the offices of Thomas Buddenbrooks wallpaper silver forest, together with a small egg and dart chosen from our collection. It fits the character of Thomas, as he describes. The original of this wallpaper is from the upper rooms of  Castle Schwetzingen.

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